Lenny Bruce Dead

Who among us could boast a finer set of achievements:

  • Transformed stand-up comedy from the banal world of the 1950's to the banal world of today's Gallagher.
  • Coined the expression "T&A" (Tits and Ass).
  • Recieved an undesirable discharge from the U.S. Navy for wearing a woman's uniform, although he specifically emphasized his heterosexuality.
  • Married a stripper.
  • Arrested for impersonating a priest while attempting to solicit "donations".
  • Blacklisted by nearly every comedy club in the United States, not because they didn't want him, but because they were afraid authorities would shut the clubs down.
  • Died naked August 3, 1966 of a morphine overdose.

"If there was absolute freedom, people would run over babies and charge admission." Or post your death pics on the net.

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